I am as you are
How so?
To admit it is it's will so let it go

And I'm sure there is a limit
To how far you'll go to reach that golden ticket

Those were the days I tried
To hold the sun up to my mind
And the price I paid was mine and mine alone

And I'll never look into your eyes again
Should I open the door and let the demons in?

Can you spare another minute in gold
To sell your message door to door?

Once, we thought we could fly
Remember what that was like?
And the price we paid was ours and ours alone

And I'll never feel you in my arms again
Should I open the door and let the demons in?

I come from somewhere different
And I'll try to remember what it was like


from Inclined To Shadows, released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


I Am Hologram Arizona

I Am Hologram is a Phoenician composer, who utilizes both his hands and feet to play multiple instruments simultaneously and has a vocal range of 5 octaves. His performances are intense, typically singing and playing guitar, while he operates a drum machine and a synthesizer with his toes. ... more

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