Inclined To Shadows

by I Am Hologram



Frequency 324

EP / B Sides / Single

2 Songs that didn't fit on any other albums
This was the result of me jamming for about 37 minutes in a small, smoky, recording studio

In order to listen to the story line in order:

Frequency 324
Frequency 432
Frequency 540
Frequency 648
Frequency 756


released December 30, 2016

Recorded December 2016
At The Record Parlor



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I Am Hologram Arizona

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Track Name: He Is Risen
Gimme some time and I'll blow your mind

I've got nothing to die for
I've got nothing to prove
I got a gun in my mouth
And no religion
I'm too vain not to smile
And I'm afraid to die
I was at the end of my rope in a prison
That's when he came alone
Eye to eye I swore
I made a debt of my soul
And he is risen

Nah Nah Nah 6,7,8,9

I choose not to notice
And I'm too high to care
And I will question all of your answers
But there's peace within my bedroom
I sleep on the clouds
I locked my heart away because all is not forgiven
That's when you came along
Eye for an eye I swore
Now you got your tongue in my mouth
And making bad decisions

Gimme some time and I'll make you mine
Track Name: Demons
I am as you are
How so?
To admit it is it's will so let it go

And I'm sure there is a limit
To how far you'll go to reach that golden ticket

Those were the days I tried
To hold the sun up to my mind
And the price I paid was mine and mine alone

And I'll never look into your eyes again
Should I open the door and let the demons in?

Can you spare another minute in gold
To sell your message door to door?

Once, we thought we could fly
Remember what that was like?
And the price we paid was ours and ours alone

And I'll never feel you in my arms again
Should I open the door and let the demons in?

I come from somewhere different
And I'll try to remember what it was like