Frequency 432

by I Am Hologram



Frequency 432

Recorded October 2016
At The Recroom Studio by Brandon Blaise
Special shout out to DluxRadio.Com
Frequency 432 and 864
Moon Valley Media for the physical CD's


released November 14, 2016



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I Am Hologram Arizona

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Track Name: Modern-Day Hymn
In the church of the morning
I pass the hours away
I was lost in the moment
And smiling diamond sized
I keep so many secrets
Too many to defend
But I've seen the end
And it's alright my friend

The music was over and we danced hand in hand
In that awkward moment
It will never be this good again

It was a series of unfortunate events
That led me to be this martyr I've become
So take your own advice and run

I could stand on your shoulders
With my stethoscope to the sky
But I was under the table cuz
I'd rather run from you and hide

I fought off the lions with my own two hands
And I presented the devil with a list of my demands
Track Name: You'll Never Know
I'm quietly laughing to myself
And you'll never know
What is going through my mind right now
You'll never know
If I found a way to wash you off my skin

And I will never tell you who you really are
No, this time I think I'll keep it to myself
And I will never tell them who you really are
This time
I think
I'll let you hang youself
Track Name: How Aliens Say Goodbye
I hope you can feel this right now
Wherever you think you are now
Please forgive my goodbye

I never meant to lose my mind
But you saved the worst part for last

I hope this time you realize you're wrong
I hope this time you realize I'm gone

Don't stop breathing my love

I held you and kissed you and sighed
And I waited to see if your eyes would move